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Donate Diapers - Allied Foundation- places to donate adult diapers ,Allied Physicians Group HQ. 3 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 105S. Melville, NY 11747. 631.386.4100Donating New, Unused, Open Package Diapers | Depend®Unused, but new diapers Now that Depend has changed thier product to make it ususable for me, I'm going to be buying, trying and most likely discarding numerous packages of new, but unused diaper brands in opened packages. \n\nMy problem is that I really don't want to just toss the rest of the package into the Dumpster, but how can I donate ...

How to Donate Adult Diapers | Our Everyday Life

Donate your adult diapers to a nursing home. An estimated one-quarter to one-third of people over 65 years of age have some sort of urinary incontinence trouble, according to the National Association for Continence. Drop adult diapers off at a rehabilitation center in your area. Rehabilitation centers have residents who are disabled due to ...

Where can I donate cases of unopened, packaged adult diapers?

Jun 20, 2017·I will post and let you know how I was able to donate based on your suggestions. 06/19/2017 14:24:24 ... I'm sure the ones in our city would be happy to have donated adult diapers. 06/18/2017 22:50:07. Helpful ... See -1 more reply. J. JoAnn29 Jun 2017. Hospice is usually the reason people have boxes of diapers. They set up with a Medicare ...

Donate Unused Incontinence Products I NorthShore Care Supply

Apr 18, 2020·Local Senior Centers are also a good place to contact when looking for necessary medical supplies. They are often the recipients of unused, unopened incontinence products. According to AgingCare, people donate packages of adult diapers when they have excess, unopened supplies after a loved one they were caring for passes.

Adult Diaper Brief Banks: Your Guide to Helping and ...

Dec 24, 2017·There is a growing need in the US for adult diaper brief banks. The economic downturn and large senior population have contributed to this great need for adult absorbent products. And you can help by donating funds or products to diaper banks across the country. Many diaper banks have websites that accept donations as well.

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Aug 04, 2020·Diaper banks are a resource for those who cannot afford to purchase full-price adult diapers and other incontinence products. Similar to food banks, diaper banks distribute their resources through local nonprofit agencies, religious organizations, like churches and synagogues, and school family resource centers.

columbus diaper bank

The Columbus Diaper Bank is a 501 (c)(3) organization incorporated in Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus Diaper Bank works to improve the lives of Central Ohio families by providing diapers to the families in need and to increase community awareness of the need for diapers.